08 October 2005

Cross Hatching Techniques

I love cross hatching when doing sketches. It looks good and can bring a lot of interesting textures. People often tend to ask me how to do cross hatching, I tell them to just do it. I don't know, cross hatching to me came naturally. Cross hatching is about giving texture, depth, light to your drawing by increasingly adding lines and lines that cross and somehow gradually end up with an interesting result. Some say that you have more control than shading smoothly and I agree partially because it all depends on the effects you want to achieve with cross hatching. Anyway, for those who want to learn more about the cross hatching technique I'm giving you some links for you to check. But whatever you read and whatever doubts you have, just do it, that's where the real learning is. Cross Hatching - Captain Meth Wikipedia Page for Cross Hatching Drew Olbrich's Crosshatching Works Cross Hatching Tutorial - Portrait-Artist.org


Blogger $athish said...

Great Technique, and learned it few weeks back, tried some, but not completely cross hatching... take a look and give your critics pls


9:38 AM  

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